Sincee we are only a few weeks removed from the opening of Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the imminent announcement of another large project for that park seems unlikely, but nonetheless, the rumor is making the rounds.

If the rumors are to be believed, plans are already in place for another massive themed-land in the park, utilizing the space that is Rafiki’s Planet Watch, as well as the unused plot of land meant for the larger Tiger River Rapids attraction (before it was budget cut and made Kali River Rapids, opening in 1999). The land would reportedly be the city of Zootopia from the hit 2016 film of the same name.
While details are vague, the main idea seems to be to reutilize the track from the Wildlife Express train for the commuter train seen in the film, transporting guests aboard a screen-based experience into Zootopia the same way Judy Hopps arrives. Otherwise, the land would likely have an E-Ticket experience and some secondary attractions, as well as shopping and dining straight out of the movie. Pawpsicles anyone?

Again, we aren’t putting any money on this one being announced next week as we aren’t too far from the $500 million expansion of the park that just took place, but it sounds like Disney may at least be planning for the future of Animal Kingdom beyond Pandora. But hey, Disney darling Ginnifer Goodwin wants it to happen, so maybe that helps?