The “Angry Splash Mountain Lady” is now a happy Splash Mountain lady.

Syracuse resident Jordan Alexander became an Internet meme earlier this year after a photo of herself frowning on a Walt Disney World ride went viral. The picture made ABC, CBS, CNN, “Inside Edition,” USA Today, People magazine and a slew of websites after being Photoshopped to appear next to presidential candidates, being creepily kissed by John Travolta, with Grumpy Cat’s head and even as Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting.

She wasn’t really as mad as her husband Steven Alexander led everyone to believe when he wrote, “Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn’t accompany her on the ride.” Her perfect facial expression, with arms folded, on the Magic Kingdom attraction Splash Mountain was a joke, and he knew it.

Still, tourism board Visit Orlando thought it was important that the couple go on Splash Mountain together to prove Disney World is still “the happiest place on earth.” The Alexanders’ flight, hotel and park costs were covered for a return trip this week so Steven could finally go on Splash Mountain with Jordan.

And it finally happened Monday, leaving Jordan with a huge smile on her face:

Steven, on the other hand, looked wide-eyed at the camera with his mouth agape.

“Got wet. A little amazed! Lots of fun!” he wrote afterwards on Twitter.

“We’re just stunned and grateful for all the goodwill that people have given us about the story; when I was on dialysis, travel was just an incredible dream that never seemed likely,” he told last month. “For us to be able to do it again and bring our son with us is truly a blessing. We have great family and friends and we’re just very lucky to have them and each other.”

Steven explained in March that the only reason he didn’t go on the ride with Jordan before was because he was exhausted after a long day walking around the theme park with their son and Jordan’s parents. She still wanted to ride Splash Mountain, though, so she practiced making an angry face while waiting in line and managed to look at the camera as the log ride goes down into a giant splash of water.

The result was a photo that’s been viewed 4 million times and shared everywhere as dozens of memes.

“She went on the ride alone and when she came back, she showed me the photo and was like ‘I did this for you,'” he said. “We had a good laugh.”