The following article contains potential spoilers regarding Season 7 of The Walking Dead. If you’d rather be surprised, look at the flowers or at anything but this

We have just learned that AMC has issued a casting call for the recurring role of Augustus, a character who bears a striking resemblance to Ezekiel, who, in Robert Kirkman’s series of graphic novels, is the self-proclaimed king of The Kingdom. A doozy of a character, His Highness is described as flamboyant and wise, nice and weird.


Oh, and in the comic books, the former zookeeper also has a pet tiger named Shiva. You know, just for good measure!

Presuming the show continues to more or less follow Kirkman’s blueprint, The Kingdom will be revealed to be part of a trading network with The Hilltop. When Jesus introduces his buddy, Ezekiel, to Rick, a plan is hatched to take down the Saviors and avenge… well, we don’t know yet who Lucille bludgeoned. But there will obviously be some avenging going on. (Also of note: In the comic books, His Majesty has an affair with Michonne.)