Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder has received a lot of flack since his second film featuring Superman hit theaters, despite the film pulling in over $500 million worldwide, and now the director has dropped out of future Justice League movies entirely.

Reviews couldn’t have been worse for Snyder’s Batman v Superman, and while he’s used to critics giving his films a hard time, fans have almost always balanced out the hate for his films.

After tons of people signed a petition for the director to be removed as the head of future Justice League films, the director has decided to leave the project.

This is incredibly surprising, as he was set to direct multiple films for WB in the next few years, and he was supposed to be guiding other directors as they filmed solo superhero movies for Warner Bros. future films.

Snyder released a statement concerning the backlash, saying, “While Batman v Superman has been a financial success thus far, I’ve decided after seeing such backlash from the fanbase that I should step down as the director of Justice League.”

The director continued, “It’s incredibly disappointing to put so much work into Batman v Superman and have critics and fans despise the film, as it was something myself and the cast and crew put a lot of effort into in hopes of creating a truly original and exciting film.”

He followed up with, “You don’t want me? Fine. Peace, y’all. Snyder… out!” Then he dropped the mic, as he drove the Batmobile out of the press conference.
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Snyder seems to have left on his own, but rumors suggest that Warner Bros. asked the director to leave after Batman v Superman was critically panned, and fans began to petition his involvement in future films involving the superhero characters.

It’s also been reported that Warner Bros. is reducing their superhero slate by removing all other solo films except for Batman and Wonder Woman movies.

This means Snyder may have not been needed
While we can’t say we’re entirely surprised (a few of us signed the petition), it’s a bit disappointing to see the director exit a project which we’d hoped would get a boost from Batman v Superman’s success.

But, it seems the fans have spoken and the director will no longer be directing the Justice League films due to his terrible experience with the recent release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The concern now is whether there will be any justice League movies at all, now that WB seems to be focusing on using only Batman and Wonder Woman as much as humanly possible, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on what the studio does over the next few weeks.