There’s no time for holiday slacking at Walt Disney World when there are renovations and new attraction upgrades to be done.

The latest string of Disney’s notice of commencement permits from Orange County show the theme park giant is focused this week on working on Epcot’s new Frozen ride and Norway Pavilion renovations, as well as plans to install a new screen at Soarin’.

The Norway permits state that “attraction rehab show set installation” work will be underway by Adirondack Scenic Inc. The company has done previous Orlando theme park work, including The Simpsons’ Krusty the Clown face at Universal Orlando Resort.
Those upgrades may be related to the new Frozen Ever After attraction that is slated to open next year.

Spitz Inc., a Pennsylvania firm specializing in theater attractions and projection domes, will be handling the screen installation of Disney’s “Project 87,” which is the rumored code name for the expansion at Soarin’. The theme park confirmed Soarin’ would be getting upgrades that will have new experiences for guests when it opens in 2016.

Here are all the permits Walt Disney World filed for the week of Dec. 7-13.

New and updated attractions help boost the park’s appeal and visitation, ultimately adding to the economic impact for Orlando’s $60 billion tourism industry.