Great News for all of those who can’t wait to find out more about Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. The first round of permits relating to the 1st expansion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios gives us a look at how the infrastructure of the park will likely change.

Looking at the information it appears that construction work is set to begin in January 2016, with completion in October 2018. 

First Map:


This first map gives us information on “New Victory Way” and Osceola Parkway Interchange. It also looks like there will be a new parking area and perhaps even a new route to get to the park.

We have heard that the addition of Toy Story Land, and Star Wars Land is only the beginning of a completely new and re-imagined park.

Second Map:


The second image is very interesting because it shows more specifics of where the construction will be.

Looking deeper into the map:

The areas marked in yellow shows areas where Disney is planning on filling in existing wetlands. The small area marked in light blue is an area where Disney will create a new wetland; on the other side of World Drive.

What do you think of these maps? Are you excited for the construction to get underway?