Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead wasamazing. And at Halloween Horror Nightsthis year, we can’t wait to put guests right in the middle of last season’s most gruesome moments.

There are some new disgusting Walker looks and immersive environments that will thrill new guests and long-time fans. You’ll encounter everything from the freshly-turned Terminus butcher—who has slashed the throats of many trough victims—to the Walker with a flare-filled face lighting up the storm-ravaged forest.

Some of the goriest moments will be captured from Season 5. A grenade blast pins an unlucky soul to the wall as Walkers feast on the still live survivor. And one of the most horrific scenes will play out as you try to wind your way past the semi-truck Walker traps.

You’ll also have to keep to the dry path and steer clear of the engorged faces of Walkers that wade through the water of the food bank basement.  Yes, you heard correctly. It will be a first for the event—we will have Walkers attacking through the waist high waters of the flooded food bank.

With new environments, massive gore, and lots of Walkers…who will survive?