If you thought that Dracula had been banished for good, think again.

I’m excited to bring you the fourth house reveal for Halloween Horror Nights 24—an all-new house that is inspired by Universal Pictures’ upcoming epic action-adventure,Dracula Untold. The film comes out October 17, but you can experience a living preview of it at Halloween Horror Nights, starting September 19.

This house takes you through the terrifying origin of the man who became Dracula. Each room contains gothic scenes that highlight Vlad the Impaler’s transition into the bloodthirsty creature.

As you enter the house, you’ll see firsthand the frightening cave that Dracula first emerged from on his path to damnation. The house becomes especially eerie as you progress through a destroyed village and into the woods on the way to Dracula’s foreboding castle. In the final scene, you’ll come face-to-face with Dracula’s victims: those who were impaled  and who begged to be saved before he took their last breath.

Each turn in this new house presents a horrifying experience straight out of the movie, including the war between Dracula and the attacking Turks. Dracula is here, and his thirst for blood is never-ending.

No prisoners will be spared this year at Halloween Horror Nights 24. Will you be able to make it out alive? Grab your tickets and find out.