Baseball is one of the most favored sports loved by many, on the movie Million Dollars Arm the True story of Rinku and Dinesh Two boys who are picked from many in the country of India to become baseball players for the very first time.

The movie was a breath of fresh air very clean , parents feel comfortable taking you children as its a family movie under 7  might not like it but definitely 10 and above would be the age to take them like I did with my daughter Kaylie for this review and she loved it.

The movie is base on the True Story of Rinku and Dinesh two young boys who tried out at a game show out in India to become full Baseball players in the U.S.

The movie is all Disney, heartwarming, funny, Sad, all at once I would def recommend Million Dollar Arm for a great family night out with children 10 and over. Million Dollar Arm hit the ball right out of the park!