Earlier this we show you info on the announcement that Walt Disney had change there price, well as it may it be here in Orlando FL when one park company does a price hike all other theme parks follow. Universal as of today Universal Studios is raising their ticket prices.

On Wednesday evening, park officials said they adjusted admission prices to the following:

A one-day base ticket is now $96 for adults and $90 for children; a one-day park-to-park ticket is $136 for adults and $130 for children; and a two-day base ticket is now $155.99 for adults and $145.99 for children. All prices exclude tax.

In a statement to park officials said:

“We set our prices to reflect the value of the entertainment experience we provide. Our guests continue to tell us we offer great entertainment at great value. We offer a variety of value-driven, multi-day vacation packages for guests and their families with options as low as $49 per day. Throughout the year, we also provide special offers to Florida residents — including discounts on annual passes.”