The wind rises is the Story of the creator of the Zero WWII airplanes created by Japan I been hearing lost of chatter that’s bias against but he film for what the story depicts. From reviews that I have read this is not a children movie more of an grown up movie yes its the director of the movie Ponyo but not in the perspective of children eyes but more adult eyes. The movie is back up by Touchstone Picture which is Disney own, but I think the reason why Disney did not release it under Disney picture is due to the content geared more to adults.

The Wind rises will be going up against Frozen for the Oscar but I will stick to my guns and say now Frozen will win the Oscar this year for those interested in seeing why no I will as well and watch it with Bias eyes.

This will be Director Hayao Miyazaki final farewell animated picture as he announced his retirement back in 2013 Hayao has also directed Spirited Away, as well as Ponyo and many more.